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Bedar Manifesto

1. At least Rs. 2.5 to 3 Trillion will be guaranteed to the Government at the start of the financial year.

2. Nobody will be asked to pay any tax.

3. Massive employment (without any cost to the Govt.) will be guaranteed.

4. At least $20 to 25 Billion remitted through banks from overseas Pakistanis.

5. End of borrowings from IMF.

6. No further devaluation of Pakistani Rupee required.

7. Smuggling of goods into the country will be eliminated.

8. Law and order situation will improve as the economy recovers.

9. Industrial revolution and Electricity, telephone, gas theft as well as over charging will be eliminated.

10. Salary of all government employees will increase three folds, which will reduce the rate of corruption to a great extent.

11. Tax free economy and start of interest free banking. Investment in infra structure and social development programs will be massive.

Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan New Book published in Dec 2016

Bedar Pakistan Budget 2016-17
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