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(Chairman Bedar Pakistan)

PhD (Economics, Finance & Business Administration) USA

Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist and head of ophthalmology department
Al-Zahra Hospital U.A.E.

0097150- 727 37 99
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Dear Brothers & Sisters,


I welcome you all onboard Bedar Pakistan. Our sole mission is to establish this dream of an interest and tax free country, to help those living in poverty, and even further improve the lives of all other inhabitants of our country. How Bedar Pakistan plans to remove poverty is by purging the current tax system and replacing it with a system that is not only compatible within the Islamic Laws, but also one that would transform the present economy into an almost ideological super economy, cleaving a path to a revolution in this country.
This is only for the good of the people and our home, and without the public's support it wouldn't be possible to implement this system.
That is why the Bedar Pakistan team of staff works 24/7 in spreading information and reaching as much people as it can for the exposure of this system. The more people we can get as members, the further the chance this dream of a Tax and Interest free country can become reality. So join Bedar Pakistan and let us fight to free ourselves.

Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan
Chairman of Bedar Pakistan

My Ultimate aim is to remove the burden of interest and create a tax free system and remove the poverty. This new Islamic system will eradicate all kinds of borrowing from I.M.F. and World Bank and other agencies controlled by the west and hence will make the Muslim world independent of the western influence.
Economy of the World specially Pakistan working on project for the last 10 years called MBC System which will change history of economics and most probably economic theory will be rewritten. This is only for the benefit of humanity and is based on purely on Islamic principles. I have done about 200 talk shows on Pakistan’s different TV channels with specialist panelists including professionals from all spheres of life specially economists, bankers and the Chartered Accountants. The interaction of 5000 people has been included in this system resulting in the present form. Initially it was made for Pakistan but now it seems that it will fit every country and no country will survive if this system is implemented in one country as the implementing country irrespective of its economic situation will become economic super power.

1979-1980   United Arab Emirates
* Was the first person to introduce lens implant in United Arab Emirates

1980-1981   United Arab Emirates * Introduced Corneal Craft in Children in United Arab Emirates.

1987-1988   United Arab Emirates
* Introduced Corneal Corrective Laser Surgery in United Arab Emirates.

Pakistan 1994
* Introduced first time laser surgery in Pakistan in Al Shifa Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.

* I wrote a book titled ISLAMIC ECONOMIC REVOLUTION OF THE CENTURY in 2006 published in USA and UK in which I introduced a new incentive based revenue collection system which will replace all kind of taxes and interest based economy. ( Published again in Pakistan 2011)

* My second book published in 2009 deals with the subject of reversal of recession worldwide in just 30 days and is titled ECONOMIC REVOLUTION OF THIS CENTURY with a case study of USA and UK in great detail. Published again in 2014 with new HOW TO REVERSE WORLD RECESSION IN MATTER OF DAYS. (Republished with the new name REVERSING THE WORLD RECESSION OVERNIGHT)

* Wrote a book on Greek economy HOW TO RESTORE GREEK CONOMY Published in 2014(Republished with the new name SAVING THE GREEK FUTURE in 2016)

* Wrote a book on Indian economy HOW TO REVERSE RECESSION AND REMOVE POVERTY IN INDIA Published in 2014 (Republished with the new name A BLUEPRINT FOR INDIA’S ECONOMIC FUTURE in 2016)

* Wrote a book on United Arab Emirates economy HOW TO UPLIFT UAE ECONOMY WITHOUT OIL REVENUE published in 2015.

* wrote a book on US economy THE EPOCALYPSE, ECONOMY CRISES AND COLLAPSE published in December 2016

* Received Gold Medal From Nazrya Pakistan Council on 20th March 2009

* Link for Blue ink review How to reverse world recession in matter of days

How to reverse world recession in matter of days

* Link for Blue ink review How to restore the Greek economy
How To Restore Greek Economy

* Link for Blue ink review How to reverse recession and remove poverty in India
How to reverse recession and remove poverty in India

* Link for SPR review How to reverse world recession by NIAZ AHMED KHAN
How to reverse world recession by NIAZ AHMED KHAN

* Link for Amazon review How to reverse world recession in matter of days
How to reverse world recession in matter of days

  • M.B.B.S. from Dhaka Medical College 1965.
  • Diploma in Ophthalmology (D.O.) England 1976.
  • Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (F.R.C.S.) England 1976.
  • My thesis was accepted by ASHWOOD UNIVERSITY OF USA and awarded me PhD in Business Administration with distinction on 14 March 2007.
  • ROCHBILLE UNIVERSITY OF USA accepted my thesis and awarded me PhD in Tax management with distinction on 16 May 2008
  • HILL UNIVERSITY OF USA awarded me PhD in Economics on 7th of February 2009.
  Date of Birth : 01 April1942
Civil Status : Married
Religion : Islam
Nationality : Pakistani
Languages known : English, Urdu, Arabic
  • Present Job Consultant Ophthalmologist at Al-Zahra Hospital Sharjah and Dubai from 1987 to Date.
  • Consultant Ophthalmologist at Al-Qassimi Hospital Oct 1977 to 6 Jan 1987.
  • Senior Registrar at Halamshire Hospital Sheffield U.K 1976-1977.
  • Registrar at central middle sex Hospital U.K. 1974-1977.
  • Senior House Officer at Kent&Sussex Hospital Tonbridgewells U.K. 1973-1974.
  • Senor House Officer at Durbyshire Royalinfirmary U.K. from 1972-1974.
  • Served in Armed Forces of Pakistan from 1965 to 1972 and completed the short service commission and get retired.
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Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan New Book published in Dec 2016

Bedar Pakistan Budget 2016-17
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