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Friend of Pakistan and Bedar Pakistan
Raja Saadat Ali Asad belongs to a renowned family of Rawalpindi, after completing his early education he joined the most prestigious institution PAKISTAN ARMY under the flag of QUAIDS GUARD BATTALION. Mr Asad served on different command, staff, instructional and Intelligence appointments and resigned as Major.
He did his Masters in Crime, Humam Rights and International community from University of west minster London, Mphil leading to PhD in Criminology from Walden University USA.
He remained affiliated with metropolitan police London as Crime research Analyst, National Project Manager in United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, Director in GRAP, Ministey of woman development. Executive Director Sparkon Pakistan.
He writes in 2 major news paper of Pakistan with the title QALAM KE KASAM, and over 1000 Articles and Columns have been published, he regularly writes for British journal of Criminology and passionate to raise the Objective standards of Morality through his lectures and TV talk shows.
Presently he is working as Director Accountability Vigilance and Investigation in Aviation sector of Pakistan.
Welcome To Bedar Pakistan

I welcome you all onboard Bedar Pakistan. Our sole mission is to establish this dream of an interest and tax free country, to help those living in poverty, and even further improve the lives of all other inhabitants of our country. How Bedar Pakistan plans to remove poverty is by purging the current tax system and replacing it with a system that is not only compatible within the Islamic Laws, but also one that would transform the present economy into an almost ideological super economy, cleaving a path to a revolution in this country.
Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan Chairman Bedar Pakistan


A Method to Address Economic Recession, Remove Poverty, Terrorism, Improve Law and Order, Reduce Drug Abuse, Inflation And Taxes in an Interest Free Based Economy.

By: Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan, FRCS, PhD

I have developed a new financial instrument which will be much more valuable than the bonds or the treasury bills government sells in the open market to raise much needed funds to run the country. These are all interest based instruments and can only be used by institutions. The instrument I am proposing is without interest and will be used by everybody to purchase goods and services in the government and private sector resulting in up to 66% discounts. This is why these will be massively bought up front in large amounts in the shortest period of time of one month to run the country for at least a year and much more by the end of the year.

The world is facing many challenges with no solution in sight.
The main cause of all these ills is the POVERTY. Float bonds which can be used by everybody rich or poor and are not debt to the state so there is no question of interest.
How: Take the example of PAKISTAN which is going through a great recession.
PAKISTAN borrows money by selling treasury bills and the interest based bonds. The suggestion is to sell these bonds on non interest basis.

1. Buy all goods and services under Government control with these bonds and these bonds will replace Rupees with bonds.
2. 10 million duty waved off.
3. RS.1 Billion prize draw from the bonds held by the public every day.
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Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan New Book published in Dec 2016

Bedar Pakistan Budget 2016-17
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